How To Choose A Smartphone: Tips, Tricks And Considerations

Dec 18, 2020

These days, it seems there’s always a new smartphone or device for sale. This is because smartphones house all of our contacts, news, emails and social pages on one device, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone without one. But the various different models can be quite confusing, particularly when you’re on the hunt for a new phone.

With a little research and asking the right questions, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make your new purchase a little easier. The considerations below are a great starting point to get thinking about what your brand new phone can do for you.

Capabilities of the phone

The camera quality

A phone with a high-quality camera will not only save you time but money as well. Gone are the days of waiting a week for your photos to develop – cameras are now in our pockets 24/7 and photos are available to look at immediately. When testing out new phones to purchase, the camera quality should be one of the first things you look into. Make sure the focus is clear, the zoom is good, and the photo resolution high.

Size and dimensions of the device

When it comes to technology, bigger isn’t always better. Your phone should easily fit into the palm of your hand, with your supporting thumb able to reach the other side of the screen. Any bigger than this, and you’ll need two hands to operate it, which can turn into a juggling act if you’re carrying other things. Be sure you’re comfortable holding the weight of your new phone as well, as heavier phones may exacerbate conditions like arthritis.

Touch screen

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a phone these days that doesn’t have a touch screen, but research has shown they’re not all built the same. Be sure to test the response of the touch screen – you want it to be fast loading and responsive each and every time you tap it.

Speakers and microphone

You also want to ensure the device you’re looking to purchase has high-quality audio capabilities. If you enjoy watching videos or listening to podcasts on your phone, you’ll have a better experience with good quality inbuilt speakers and microphone.


This will also mean phone calls are clearer from both ends, so every part of your family and friend’s phone calls will be easily heard. If you have hearing or seeing difficulties, some phone settings can even be changed so fonts are bigger and the speakers are louder to make the device easier for you to use.



Not every phone supports the apps you need, as in the case with Samsung models versus Apple. There are some apps that can be downloaded onto either model or both, so if you’ve already got a handful of favourite apps, be sure they can be downloaded onto your new device.


What do you want from your new device?

Having a quick think about the purpose of your device will help you narrow down your options when choosing a new phone.


With a smartphone, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with your customers or suppliers. Having access to your email accounts and business contacts on your phone means you can run your business on the go. Your workplace or community services will also be able to get in touch more easily with you when you’re needed.


You never have to worry about your friends and family not being home when you pop over again, because you can call them on the go. Phone calls and messaging apps are available on every single device, so you can stay in touch no matter where you are. This is particularly important for seniors, as 43.5% of them use technology like smartphones to connect with family and friends.


Did you know that the majority of homes no longer have a home phone? As mobile phones have become more popular, more and more people have decided that the home phone is obsolete. Your mobile can now be your home phone, which means you only have to remember the one number and you’re able to get in touch with others even when we’re not at home.

Costs of owning smartphones 

As with most things, smartphones have a few ongoing costs you should be aware of so you can make sure your phone is taken care of at the right times.


Every phone needs a cable to charge the battery, and cables can often disappear or become damaged when not used or transported correctly. A new charging cable can cost up to $20, so it’s always good to have a spare handy, along with the one provided with your phone.


Phone cases not only protect your phone if you drop it, but they also allow you to express your personality too. Phone and market stalls have cases in every size, colour, and shape under the sun – don’t forget to ask the sales assistant for the correct size case for your phone! Cases can range anywhere from $5 all the way up to $100 for designer brands.

Screen protectors

There are few things more devastating than dropping your phone and the screen smashing into a million pieces. Taking your screen to be replaced can be costly and time-consuming. This is where the screen protector comes in; a clear, stick-on cover for your phone which helps protect it from damage. Visit any of our stores and our phone technicians can help you install a screen protector for free with any purchase.


If your phone is like another limb to you, it may be a good idea to get it insured. This will ensure that if you lose, damage or have your phone stolen, the cost of replacement is covered. Repayments on insurance per week are generally low, and you may already have a clause in your contents insurance that covers your phone. The additional cover will be worth it should anything go wrong.

Choosing the right phone for you

There are many things to consider when choosing a smartphone, but it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems. Considering what sort of plan you want to be on (prepaid, pay as you go or monthly billing) will be the next step after you’ve chosen your new device.

With so much variety and deals to be had in the technology world, you can make finding your new smartphone a fun shopping adventure which will end with life being more accessible; all from right in the palm of your hand.


Don’t want a new phone just yet?

It’s alright to not want a new phone. In fact, there’s plenty of reasons to repair your old phone and extend its life instead of just buying a new phone outright. With over 30 stores across Australia, our team of mobile repair specialists can help you with any damage to your phone and get it working like it’s new again.