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Phone Screen Repairs

A single crack can worsen over time. With Mobile Experts you can fix it with 6 months warranty.

Water Damage

We will diagnose your phone to determine the extent of damage, clean out the device and test accordingly.

Charging Port Repairs

No Charger means no phone. We can fix it in just a couple of minutes to make you go live.


on the spot repairs

(on standard mobile repairs)

6 month warranty

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Battery Replacement

Get your battery replaced with an assured warranty with our expert's battery saving tips.

Software Upgrade

Retreving your lost data and restoration of your phone software becomes easy with us.

Business & School Repairs

We cater effectively for businesses and schools of all sizes accross Australia.

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What does my repair estimate include?

The repair price estimate includes both replacement parts and labour.

What types of phones or tablets do you repair?

We repair all smartphones and tablet available in the market including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia and Huawei smartphones

What if there are more repairs required to get my phone back in working condition?

You will be notified first if your device has any secondary problems and the repair estimate will be re-adjusted if you choose to complete the entire repair. We will not proceed further until we get your permission and approval on additional repairs.

When should a phone’s battery be replaced?

The typical cell phone battery begins to deteriorate after 400 charging cycles. The average user will reach this point after 1-2 years of regular usage. Drop by one of our stores to get your phone battery replaced!

What is a Door to Door Repair?

Our door to door repair service offers all kinds of general repairs such as LCD/touch replacement, charging port, battery etc. In this service we come to you and repair the device in front of you. Just call us and we will be there for you.

Will I lose my data?

You shouldn’t lose any data during our repair, but it’s always better to back up your data if you can.