How to Back Up Your Phone Data Before You Sell it Off

Dec 18, 2020

With mobile phones, there is always a threat of damage, loss, and even theft! In addition, you might be planning to sell off your old phone. In all of these circumstances, it is imperative that you have a strong phone backup strategy to ensure that you are protected.

The good news is that backing up your phone data is not too difficult. Read on to learn how to backup your valuable data for Android and iPhone devices

For Android

Owners of Android smartphones might not have the benefit of an efficient Cloud backup solution (in-built) that iPhone users do, but they can always leverage the power of a USB cable! It’s no secret that the quickest and safest way to back up your data on your Android phone is to connect the device through a USB cable and copy all of the data on your PC, tablet, or laptop. This solution might not sound too sophisticated, but it works perfectly!

An alternate strategy you can make use of is to try your luck with Android’s 3rd-party Cloud backup software. These include but are not limited to:

  • G Cloud Backup
  • Migrate
  • MyBackUp Pro
  • Resilio Sync
  • Titanium Backup

It is preferable that you employ this tactic of using 3rd party software prior to erasing away the external and internal storage (after all, it is best to err on the side of caution!).

For iPhone

If you are an iPhone owner and want to back up your data before you sell your device, the first step you will have to take would be to back up everything on your smartphone. You can benefit from the iCloud feature and back up all your data to the cloud.

Furthermore, just to be extra safe, you can also plug your device into your Macbook and save yourself a local copy. In case you are not familiar with the backup feature of iCloud, all you have to do is simply click Settings, select the “Storage and Backup” option from the menu, and proceed to iCloud Backup.

Make a note of the fact that to store data on the cloud, you will require an iCloud account. Press the “Back Up Now” button when you are ready, and you are good to go!  Your iPhone will then promptly copy all of your data on the cloud (this may take some time, so feel free to sit back and put your feet up!).


You cannot deny that the importance of backing up your data is paramount. This is especially true if you are planning on selling your smartphone. Before you sell it, it is a prudent practice to back up your phone data regardless of whether you are an iPhone or Android smartphone owner. By following these tips, you can back up your data easily and without any hassle!