Wall Chargers

Choosing the correct wall charger is important for efficiently charging your devices.  However, not all chargers perform equally, and it is necessary to know the right choices before making a final decision. We have listed a few factors to consider when buying wall chargers. Note that we'll cover the basic factors, so ensure to check the specs for your specific models and devices.

Wall Chargers: Understand the Basics

 Charger performance depends on three things. These include the following:
  •         Current (I, measured in amps or milliamps)
  •         Power (P, measured in Watts)
  •         Voltage (V, measured in volts).
This is a major reason why bigger chargers for devices like tablets deliver higher current performance than mobile devices.


Make sure your mobile charger delivers good AMP performance to charge your phone. Sitting around waiting for your device charging to complete is no fun. The charger performance also differs for various brands. For example: Androids = 1.6 amps iPads = 2.4 amps. iPhones= 1 amp

Number of Devices

Some chargers allow users to charge multiple devices with a single unit. However, keep the total output of the device in mind when choosing multi-device chargers. The output should be higher than each device requires charging to the fullest. The best way is to add the AMP reading for every device and calculate the sum.  For example, if you are charging an Android + iPad device, try a 3+ amp charger.


Volt performance is vital for all types of chargers. Most mobile chargers have a 5 amp volt reading, but some can push for more voltage. For instance, a charger with a 4.8 V output can charge up to 3 android devices. However, you need to increase the volt performance to increase the charging pace to 20%.

Cable Management

Using a wall charger is very convenient, but having so many cables lying around can be annoying. Thus, we at Mobile Experts have the best cable management and purchase options. Learn more about our shipping policy here. You can find more information on our site and place your orders too.

Surge Protection

Choosing a wall charger with surge protection options is a good option, considering it will help safeguard your devices.

Charging Kits

Handling so many wall chargers and cables can be messy. Investing in a good quality charging kit can help you keep all your charging essentials in one place and ensure you do not lose them.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what percentage should I charge my phone?

It is best to keep your phone at a mid range between 30% and 70% when you need to charge them. It will help increase the battery life and performance.

Are wall chargers universal?

No, wall chargers are not universal, as every device type has its specifications and charger specs. These specs include: USB 1.0, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

How do I choose a wall charger?

When choosing one for purchase, keep the wall charger's output, voltage, and performance in mind.


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