AirPod Accessories

AirPods may seem like a convenient alternative for wired earphones, but they are not perfect. Therefore, you might need additional AirPods accessories to get the best out of the product. You can get a plethora of additional accessories on the market. These add-ons will not only make your AirPods stand out but will also keep them safer. If you are looking for useful accessories for your AirPods, feel free to check out Mobile Expert to purchase them. There is a wide range of accessories you can purchase and customize your AirPods.

Silicone AirPod Case

One of the best ways to protect the casing of your AirPods is with the help of a silicone cover. Silicone case is one of the reliable and simple ways to keep your AirPods safe from scratches or fall damage that may hinder their functioning. Moreover, it comes with a carabiner keychain, which lets you attach it to your bag pack.

Wireless Charge Pad

If you are an Apple enthusiast and have other products such as the iPhone and iWatch, this product will come in handy. A 3 in 1 Wireless Charge pad will charge all of the three products, including your Airpods, at one time. This accessory also ensures that your AirPods charge swiftly, safely but most importantly, more quickly.

Lightening Fast Cable

Just as the name suggests, a lightning cable ensures that you get extra speed on your charging. Moreover, they also have better material than traditional chargers. It provides fewer tangles and offers a silicon material that is known for its durability. Not only is it flexible in nature, but it also offers plenty of options in terms of colours and size.

Ear Hooks and Covers

Many people have complained that their AirPods don’t fit well in their ears, resulting in discomfort. Upon sudden movement, the loosely fit Pods may fall off and get damaged. Although it comes with some customization, it still lacks that All-in-one fit for users.  To provide that comfort, many third-party manufacturers provide an upgrade for this feature. Ear hooks and covers are equipped with wingtips and hooks that ensure they don’t come loose.

AirPod Straps

AirPod straps ensure that your AirPods are protected at all times. They ensure that the AirPods are securely connected with the help of a physical wire which goes behind your neck. It also saves time storing them back in the charger as you can wear them around your neck. You can plug them in whenever you feel like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are AirPods water-resistant?

No, AirPods are neither water-resistant nor sweatproof. Users often have to buy additional accessories such as covers to make them waterproof.

How much charging time do AirPods cases provide?

Typically, you can expect around 24 hours of backup time. Often, this may exceed, depending on the usage and model.

Does AirPod have a mic?

Yes, AirPods do have a mic to help you make calls and give commands to digital assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant.
Apple Watch is one of the most customizable smart watch options available. Brands have used these watches as inspirations and developed their versions of smart watches. Moreover, the demand and popularity for Apple watches have increased in the past decade. These watches come with the most versatile options, making them ideal for almost every user. Plus, they have the latest features like heartbeat sensors, caloric counter, step counter, etc. Mobile Experts have the latest Apple watch accessories for smart watch users according to their needs. We have mentioned some factors to keep in mind while choosing the Apple watch accessories on our site.

Personal Preference

A watch is a personal object, and customizing it makes it more valuable for the wearer. We know customers want to look stylish but they also want functionality when selecting a watch. So, customers need to start by looking at the options available on our site and choosing the combinations they like the most.

Size Differences

The Apple Watches come in two different stock sizes. The smaller size is around 40mm, whereas the larger one is 44mm. Similarly, the smaller watch has a 34mm width, and the larger one has a 38mm width. Users choose a preferred Apple Watch accessory in our store using these size differences.  Note that Apple designs unisex watches, so both male and female customers can invest in a good Apple Watch and get the best Apple Watch accessories from Mobile Experts.

Battery Charging

Charging is a big issue if you have multiple Apple watches that you need to charge. Although the Apple charging mat never came for sale, third-party options are still a good alternative. We at Mobile Experts have the best collection of Apple Watch chargers, which allow users to power up their devices. We focus on delivering quality charging products only so that our customers can easily power their devices up without other worries. Other options like Apple Duo Chargers allow users to charge their iPhones and their mobile devices simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the Apple Watch straps?

Yes, customers can change their Apple Watch straps and choose between a leather, metal, and raisinstraps.

Can you shower while wearing an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 2 and newer ones are water-resistant, but we suggest not wearing them when showering.

Is there a shipping cost?

Customers get free shipping for orders over $50. There is a $10 shipping cost for orders under $50.
The duty of a good mobile phone charger is to safely charge your phone’s battery as fast as possible. Your battery doesn’t charge properly when you use a low-quality charger, its life expectancy reduces as a result. Remember that cheap chargers can become costly in the long-run. Optimum charging is the key to maintaining a good battery life for any electronic device. Not only do you need chargers for your phone, there are many other electronics that use batteries and ultimately, need a charger. It is critical to buy a charger from a reputable shop such as Mobile Experts, who offer a range of chargers that can meet your needs.

Wall Chargers

One of the most common types of chargers are wall chargers. They have a universal design that suits sockets from all over the world. The chargers have an adaptor that plugs into the wall, followed by a USB to connect it with the phone. They are thought to be more effective, reliable and trusted means to charge your mobile devices. Usually, these default chargers are in the box with you phones.

Wireless Chargers

A wireless charger enables you to charge your phone without meddling with cables. All users need to do is place their phone on the disc-shaped charging pad and let the gadget do wonders. These chargers often give you better charging speed and more importantly, protect your battery. It leverages the technology of electromagnetic waves and coil to wirelessly charge your phone. Since these are hands-free chargers, they are popular in cars and workspaces where there are no sockets available to plug in. Moreover, it saves users the hassle of detangling wires, making charging a swifter and easier process. It is obvious that not all smart phones support wireless charging since they lack this feature. Usually, the latest ones have this technology. It is important to check if your phone is compatible with wireless charging or not.

Power Banks

Power banks are another way a user can ensure that they never run out of battery when on the go. If you battery runs out and there’s no socket nearby, a power bank can be your only hope. Carrying these portable power banks is significantly easier compared to carrying relatively bulky chargers with long wires. Moreover, they can also be useful in emergencies such as electricity outage.

Car Chargers

Whether you are planning a long drive or a night out with friend, having a car charger is a must. If you are on the road often, make sure to get yourself a decent car charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use fast charger on a normal mobile phone?

Yes! It is safe for anyone to use a fast charger but make sure the charger is certified and from a reputable company.

What if I leave my phone on charge for a long time?

Leaving your phone on charge for a long time can hinder your phone’s battery life. It is important to plug it out once it’s charged.

Is slow charger better than fast charger?

A slow charger can improve the battery life of your device. But if you are in a hurry or require frequent recharge, then fast charger is for you.

Wireless chargers are a good option for smartphone owners who hate having messy cables around . Moreover, these wireless chargers work with more than just your mobile device, and can help you charge your wireless headphones by placing the headphone case on the wireless chargers.

People have been skeptical about  wireless chargers in the past, but most of our customers at Mobile Experts opt use them for their Android and Apple devices.

That said, choosing the correct wireless charger is very important. Otherwise, you will not get the charging performance you want. Before selecting the right wireless charger for your mobiles, you must consider some factors. But first, let us take a quick look at the wireless charger technology.

Wireless Chargers: How do they Work?

Wireless chargers use Qi (pronounced Chi), which involves an electromagnetic coil on the mobile device and the chargers. The mechanism uses induction to charge the mobile device. You can charge your mobile devices even with the cases on if the material is not too thick and does not intervene between the charger and the device.

Choose the Right Design

You will find many chargers with different designs in the market. The most common is a padded design, which lies straight on a flat surface and acts as a charging bed. The other wireless charger has a stand and holds the mobile device semi-upright to charge. The unique design allows users to see the device without hovering over the mobile.

The wireless charger design depends on your charging outlet location. For instance, a simple flat-laying wireless charger would be ideal if you have an outlet near your charging spot. However, if you need more accessibility, the stand wireless chargers would be a good option as it will allow you to view your phone without stopping the charging.

Choose the Best Brand

Choosing the right wireless charger brand depends on your device's compatibility. Android and Apple produce wireless chargers compatible with their devices.

Moreover, wireless chargers designed for specific phone models often offer many benefits that regular chargers do not. For example, the Pixel Stand allows users to make the charger into a fully functional alarm clock. You can also create a digital photo frame with the wireless charger, blending it perfectly with your interior.

Other options like Samsung Duo are also great if you want more options. They work like a smartphone and a 7.5-watt charger simultaneously.

Choose the Right Case

Fortunately, there are no hard and fast rules for choosing the proper case for your mobile device. However, it is best to test your mobile cases with wireless chargers before charging them. You wouldn't want to spend time charging only to find the smartphone disconnected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wireless chargers work on any phone?

Yes, wireless chargers use Qi technology, which is compatible with any mobile device you own.

Does wireless charge damage the battery?

No, wireless charging does not damage a mobile device’s battery. However, it is best to avoid frequent charging and let the mobile device charge entirely before removing it from the charger.

How do I know if my phone has wireless charging?

Smartphones have different indications, such as a blinking light that indicate your device is charging wirelessly. Check your specific mobile device website for more information.


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